Error Messages/40075

Error message

 Lexical error at line 35 in file "Test.ana":
   <definition>'  '</definition>
 Malformed XML while reading file: not well-formed.
 Cannot continue reading from file.  The remainder of the model file will not be loaded into memory.


This error results when the XML model file is malformed -- meaning that it is not valid XML. In the above instance, it resulted when a bad character appeared in the file. It may also occur if an element does not have a matching closing tag, if a closing-tag does not match an opening tag, etc.


You should be able to correct the underlying cause in the file using a text editor.

If Analytica is saving the XML is a malformed fashion, consider changing to the standard non-XML model file format (known as the Demos file format). If Analytica is saving in a malformed fashion, this is considered a bug and you should report it to

Important: The remainder of the model from the point where the bad XML is detected is not loaded. Thus, after you clear this error, you should take extra caution not to re-save your model over the existing file. Doing so will result in a loss of information.

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