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Attribute EditBoxCueText

The cue text attributes specifies text that will display in a dimmed gray color in an input node text box when nothing has been entered into the text box. Cue text can help communicate what the user is expected to enter. Cue text is used on the Intro screen a search box where you can enter text to search the wiki:


In the Search The Wiki case, the node style is set to not display labels, since the cue text is enough to communicate what is expected. An OnChange event fires when the user enters text and presses enter.

In the Attributes dialog, Attribute panel and Object Window, this attribute appears as Cue Text (its title).

How to configure

  • Before setting this for input nodes in your own model, you must enable it in the Attributes dialog. In edit mode, select Object / Attributes... on the menu.
  • Create a variable node to hold the input, and leave its Definition blank, since the cue text will only display when the nothing has been entered.
  • In the Attribute panel or Object window, set the Definition type to Number only, Text only, or Number or text only. This step is optional, but recommended.
  • Other optional steps to also consider:
    • With the input node selected, use the Color palette to change the background color of the input box.
    • Resize the width of your input box as desired.
    • Set an OnChange expression to do launch code after something is entered.
    • Turn off labels in the Node Style Dialog for the input node if your cue text is sufficient (remember: Cue text will only be visible when no entry is present).

You now have a user input node with cue text.


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