Defining the fox population as a function of time

  • Double click ‘Foxes at start’ node.

Expected: Object window should appear.

  • In the Description field type ‘The fox population at the start of each time period’.

Expression Assist

Use the Expression assist to set the definition:= Dynamic(6,Foxes_at_end[Time-1]*(1+Fox_birth_rate))

  • Select definition
  • Enter 'D

Expected: the expression assist offers possible entries starting with D

  • Enter 'y'

Expected: The list truncates to only include those starting with DY

  • Use the down arrow to select Dynamic and tab to select it

Expected: Dynamic( in the definition

  • Enter 6,

Expected, Expressions Assist moves to the next parameter.

  • Continue using the expression assist to enter the definition as depicted.
Foxes at start object.jpg
  • Double click ‘Foxes at end’.

Expected: Object window should appear.

  • . Type ‘The fox population at the end of each time period’ in the Description field.
  • Click the Definition field. Click ‘Inputs’ popup menu button, select ‘Foxes_at_start’.
Foxes at end.jpg
  • ‘Foxes_at_start’ should appear on the Definition field. Click on the check button to accept your entry. Click on the diagram button.
Foxes at end 1.1.jpg
  • With the Foxes at end node selected, click on the result button. Result window should appear.
Result Foxes at end.jpg

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