Defining a variable that is influenced by other variable

a. Bring up the object window. There are two ways to do this
  • First, Select fuel cost node. Click Object button from the tool palette. The object window should appear. Close the object window.
  • Now try Double clicking on the ‘Fuel cost’ node. Object window should appear.
Fuel object.jpg
b. Click on the ‘units’ field. Type ‘$/year’. Press tab key. In the ‘Description’ field, type ‘Annual cost of fuel’. Press Tab key.
Object fuel cost.jpg

Enter the mathematical expression in the ‘Definition’ fieldClick on the ‘Definition’ field. A cross and check box, together with ‘inputs’ button should appear. Click ‘inputs’ button. Select ‘Fuel price’. Type ‘*’. Select ‘miles per year’. Type ‘/’. Select ‘Miles per gallon’. The definition field now should be ‘Fuel_Price*Mpy/Mpg’

Definition fuel cost1.1.jpg

Definition fuel cost1.2.jpg
c. Click the Diagram button. You should return to influence diagram

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