Defining Weather as a probability table

  • Double click ‘Weather’ node.
  • On Description field type ‘Weather outcomes and probability’.
  • Open drop down list of expr, select probability table.
Object weather.jpg
  • Click ‘ok’ button on the indexes window.

Prob Edit table will appear indexed by self

Weather indexes.jpg
  • Click on the row header change ‘item 1’ to ‘Sunny’.
  • Press enter.

Second cell should appear

Edit table weather1.1.jpg
  • Type ‘Rainy’ on the row header.
  • Press 'tab' key.
Edit table weather1.2.jpg
  • Click on the first cell, change 0 to 0.4.
  • Arrow down
  • Change the second cell from 0 to 0.6.
  • Click the check button.
Edit table weather1.3.jpg
  • Click result button.

Expected: Result table of Weather 'Rainy' should appear

Result Weather.jpg

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