Defining Utility as a deterministic table

  • Double click on ‘Utility’ to bring up its object window
  • Click on the Units field, type ‘$’.
  • Press tab key to get to get to Description field.
  • Type ‘The utility, or value to me, given party location and weather outcome, assigned in dollars.’
  • Open pulldown menu of expression.
  • Select Other
Object Utility.jpg

Expected: Object finder window should appear

Object LibraryJPG.jpg
  • Click Library popup menu, select array -> Table Functions
Object array.png
  • Scroll down on the main window and select ‘Determtable()’.
  • Click ‘indexes’ button.

Indexes window should appear

  • Select Party Location and Weather as your indexes
Object finder indexes.jpg
  • Click ‘ok’ button.
Indexes P.L.W.jpg
  • Click ‘ok’ on the Object finder window.

Expected: Determ edit table should appear.

  • If necessary, change the row index to 'Party location' and the columns Domain of weather.
  • Click on column Sunny, row header Outdoor.
  • Change 0 To 100
  • Arrow down
  • Replace o to 90
  • Arrow down
  • Change o to 40
  • Click on column header Rainy, row header Porch
  • Replace 0 with 20
  • Arrow down
  • Replace cell value 0 with 50
  • Click the green checkbox.
Edit table utility.jpg
  • Press result button

Expected: Result table of Utility will appear with row headers, Indoors, Outdoor, Porch and cell values 0, 20,50 will show

  • Click on the Diagram button to return to the diagram window.

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