Creating another array using the same index

  • Close result and object window of Maintenance cost
  • Double click on Fuel cost Module to open the diagram inside

Creating another array fuel cost module.jpg

Note that its definition is already set to Uniform (20, 30)

  • Change node's definition from Uniform (20, 30) to Table

Expected: Question box would appear

  • Select OK button

This opens to Indexes window

  • Double click Car type
  • Click OK button
Edit table car type.jpg

Edit table of Miles per gallon appears

  • Select the first cell, type Uniform (25, 35)
  • Arrow down
  • On the second cell type Uniform(15, 25)
  • Press Tab key
  • Press result button

Expected: Result table of Miles per gallon with cell values 30, 20 will be shown

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