Controlling the Search

The optimization engine exposes several settings that you can change to influence how the search for the optimum proceeds and when it terminates. The specific collection of available settings is a function of which engine is used to solve the optimization, so that if you install and use an add-on engine, other than the engine that comes standard with Analytica Optimizer, the possible settings might be different. The OptInfo function can be used to view current values for a problem.

To see this, define a variable as:

OptInfo(Opt, "Settings")

Where Opt identifies the variable containing the DefineOptimization function.

Settings can be changed for a particular problem by specifying values for the «SettingName» and «SettingValue» parameters to DefineOptimization(). The first subsection below describes how you specify and view settings, while the subsequent sub-sections detail particular settings used by engines the come standard with Analytica Optimizer.

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