Category:Distribution density functions

These functions return the probability density at «x» for continuous distributions.

The naming convention is to pre-pend Dens to the distribution name, with the first parameter being the point «x» that you want the density for. The remaining distribution parameters are the same as they are for the distribution function. For example, DensBeta(x, a, b) for the Beta(a,b) distribution, DensNormal(x, mean, stddev) for the Normal(mean,stddev) distribution, etc.

Prior to Analytica 5.2, it is necessary to add the Distribution Densities Library to your model, and the density functions are prefixed with Dens_ (i.e., with the underscore). Starting with Analytica 5.2, these are built-in and the built-in function names have no underscore. These are the recommended function to use.