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These functions return the probability of outcome «x» from a discrete probability distribution. These are called analytic probability functions because they compute this probability directly without the use of Monte Carlo, and hence, the result is exact without sampling error.

The naming convention for these functions is to prepend Prob to the name of the distribution function. For example, ProbPoisson.

In Analytica 5.1 and earlier, most of these were provided in the Distribution Densities Library, with the naming convention of prepending Prob_ to the name of the distribution function (i.e., with an underscore). As they were moved to built-in functions (for most, starting in Analytica 5.2) the underscore was dropped. In Analytica 5.1 and earlier, you need to add the Distribution Densities Library to your model. In Analytica 5.2 this is unnecessary.

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