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property CAIndex NthColumnIndex(n)


This property is used to access information about the table pivot that would be used by desktop Analytica (DTA) to view this table. Information about the pivot is stored in several attributes, such as ReformDef and ReformVal, but is computed based on this information and several additional heuristics that take several other factors into account, including the lengths of the indexes, their textual names, etc.

This property returns the nth row index as a CAIndex, where n can range from 1 to CATable::NumColumnIndexes. tab.NthColumnIndex(1) is the slowest varying index, and tab.NthColumnIndex(tab.NumColumnIndexes) is the fastest varying index. This means that the order is essentially how they would be arranged from top to bottom.

In the special situation in which a result table has a comparison index, but the column pivoter is set to empty, CATable::NumColumnIndexes returns 2 but NthColumnIndex(1) is null. The 2 reveals that two rows of header cells are visible, so as to distinguish this case from the case with a column index but no comparison index.

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In C#:

CAIndex pColInd = NthColumnIndex[1];


This property was introduced in ADE 5.0. It is unavailable in releases prior to that.

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