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property string CALicense::ErrorText

Status text reason for failure) from the previous CALicense method call. In particular, after calling the NewCAEngine method, this provides information about the cause of the failure.

The error number can be obtained using the ErrorCode property. Some codes that could encountered (this is not comprehensive) include:

71 – “The maximum number of CAEngine instances allowed are already in use”
72 – “Invalid license code”
73 – “Stale license code”
74 – “Expired license code”
75 – “No ADE license code is present”
76 – “Not an application license code” (from SetApplicationLicenseCode method)

The CAEngine object has property with the same name (and it uses a consistent set of error codes with this one). Once you have a CAEngine instance, you will need to check its ErrorText property -- not the ErrorText property of the CALicense. Use this CALicense::ErrorText only to catch errors during instantiation of the CAEngine.

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Example usage


CALicense lic = new ADE.CALicense();
CAEngine ade = lic.NewCAEngine();
if ( ade == null) {
   MessageBox.Show( "Error " + lic.ErrorCode + ": " + lic.ErrorText, "ADE could not be started", MessageBoxButtons.OK );

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