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New to Analytica 5.0


This is a limit on the maximum amount of memory, in MegaBytes, that the ADE process can consume before a computation is aborted. If the total process memory consumption exceeds this number of mega bytes while a computation is in-progress, the calculation will be aborted and the ErrorCode will be 95.

When this property is zero, the memory usage is not monitored, and no limit is enforced.

When this is set to something other than zero, ADE monitors the total memory consumption of the process once per 100 milliseconds and aborts any in-progress calculation if the amount of memory used has passed this limit. Because 100 ms second may elapse before it detects that the limit has been exceeded, it is possible that the actual peak consumption could surpass the limit.

Data Type

unsigned long



Example Usage

CAEngine ade = new CAEngine;

ade.MaxMemoryLimit = 2000; // Abort a calculation when memory consumed exceeds 2GB.

When to use

Use this if you are worried about a computation (perhaps in an arbitrary model) taking an excessive amount of memory, and possible hogging memory resources from other processes.

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