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New Features in Analytica 4.4

Date and Time: 19 Jan 2012 10:00am Pacific Standard Time

Presenter: Lonnie Chrisman, Lumina Decision Systems


I will give a rapid overview of enhancements and changes in Analytica 4.4 and what these mean for people upgrading from Analytica 4.3. I'll give quick demonstrations of Expression Assist, Publish to Cloud, Kernel density smoothing, adjusting legacy models for Clear Type font, Help balloons, and dozens of small improvements that you'll find listed at What's new in Analytica 4.4?. I'll include a few hidden gems. In following weeks, we will follow up with more in-depth webinars on specific items.

Watch a recording of this webinar from New In Analytica 4.4.wmv

Analytica Web Player

Date and Time: Thursday, August 7, 2008, 10:00am Pacific Daylight Time

Presenter: Max Henrion, Lumina Decision Systems

The Analytica Web Player (AWP) is scheduled to launch on July 31, 2008. AWP is a subscription service hosted on Lumina's servers. As a subscriber, you can upload your models to the server and send your colleagues a URL so that they can view your model. To view your models, they need only a Flash-enabled web browser. They can browser your model, change inputs, and evaluate results, all from within their web browser.

In this talk we'll cover the available subscription plans, pricing, limitations, and how you sign up. We'll also demonstrate the process of uploading models and sharing these with colleagues.

You can watch a recording of this webinar at AWP.wmv.

Manipulating Indexes and Arrays in Analytica Expressions

Demonstrates common operations applied to indexes and arrays from within Analytica expressions, including the powerful Subscript and Slice operations, duality of associational and positional indexing, including @I, A[@I=n], and @[I=n] operations. Explains the distinction between index and value contexts in expressions, along with the distinction between a variable's index value, mid value and sample value, Self-Indexed Arrays. Explains slice assignment -- the ability to assign values to individual slices of an array within an algorithm.

Audience: Moderate to advanced Analytica users.

Watch "Indexes and Arrays UG2.ANA". (This wouldn't be very interesting for someone who didn't attend, but it contains the examples we tried).

Missing the link to video file.

Presented by: Lonnie Chrisman, CTO, Lumina Decision Systems on Aug 9, 2007.


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