Analytica 4.0 Beta FAQs

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Do models created in Analytica 3.x work in 4.0?

Yes, models from Analytica 3.1 load into 4.0 and evaluate. Most models will experience no problems.

However, there are some changes that will impact some models. For example, if your Analytica 3.1 model relies on a bug that has been fixed, you could experience some problems. See Changes in 4.0 that could impact 3.x models for a list of these.

Will models edited in Analytica 4.0 work in 3.1 or earlier releases?

If your model doesn't use any functions that are new to release 4.0, it should run OK in earlier releases. If you use graphing options that are new to 4.0, they will, of course, not be available if you use the model with Analytica 3.1, but they should not cause any problems.

Can I keep the .ana file extension associated with Analytica 3.1?

When you run the Analytica 4.0 beta installer, it will set the .ana extension to 4.0, so that when you click on a .ana file, Analytica 4.0 will open.

After installing Analytica 4.0, you can set this extension back to Analytica 3.1 using the following steps:

  1. Launch the Windows File Explorer (e.g., press [Windows Key]-E ).
  2. Tools->Folder Options... -> File Types
  3. In the "Registered File types" list ,find and select the "ANA" extension.
  4. Press the [Change...] button.
  5. You should see Analytica (with the old 3.1 icon) in the Recommended programs list.

Otherwise, use Browse... and go to "c:\Program Files\Lumina\Analytica 3.1\Analytica.exe")


Where are the new versions of the Analytica User Guide and Tutorial?

These are not yet available, the 3.1 versions are still bundled with the software. In the mean time, we are utilizing the Analytica Wiki to update and refine documentation on the new features, so please use the Wiki as your main source of documentation on features new to 4.0 for now.

ADE Users: The ADE Developers Guide and ADE Tutorial have been updated to reflect new features in 4.0.

The Analytica scripting guide (bundled with ADE) has not been updated. However, we may do away with that manual and include that information exclusively on the Analytica Wiki.


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