Ana:How to make screenshots

To get set up:

  1. Use Snagit, which we have found the easiest and fastest software to capture screenshots. You can quickly select a window or region, or even a menu, edit if you want, and save it to file. Snagit Website
  2. Find the best screen resolution for you. For Renee's laptop we found screenshots taken at 1280x720 are crisp at 100% in pdf.

Conventions for Analytica docs:

  1. Use the "classic" theme in Windows XP, with blue window heading and edge.
  2. Use color. Color will show up in PDFs, even if we print in black & white.
  3. Use example models with default colors for Analytica diagrams and nodes -- unless you are illustrating use of color.
  4. Use default style for graphs (white background, black Ariel text, gray gridlines -- again, unless you are illustrating other styles.

For each screenshot:

  1. Set screenshot width to 584 wide pixels or less.
  2. If that's not possible, make sure it no more than 1168 pixels wide. Anything greater won't fit on the screen or page.
  3. Screenshot height doesn't matter.
  4. Save file in png format.

You are now ready to capture your first screenshot

  • Open Snagit.
  • Snagit window should appear.
  • Select the second option first 'Window' for capturing screenshot because this method is easier to use than the Region.

Window Capture

  • With the Window capture profile selected,click on camera icon located at the lower right hand side of Snagit window.
  • Your cursor would have changed now to a hand.
  • Every area you set your hand pointer will now be enclosed in red square, depending on size of the area you set your hand square will change to rectangle and color varies from red to yellow/red combination.
  • Release

  • Snagit preview window should appear, with your captured screenshot. You can now edit, cut, enlarge, type text etc to your screenshot.
  • Press Alt+F or File->Save as to save your screenshot. Don't forget to save it in png
  • Close preview window.

Region Capture

  • From Snagit main window, select Region.
  • Press camera icon found on the bottom right hand portion of the window.
  • Your mouse pointer will now turn into a hand with a little cross between fingers. You will also notice a yellow orange window box with x and y axis on the lower left hand side of the window. These numbers change each time you move your 'hand'. This box will magnify area you point your 'hand', making it ready for capturing.

Note that this window box will move depending on which corner you are going to capture. e.g., if your hand is on the top right hand corner of the window, magnify window is on the lower left hand side. But if you move your 'hand' to the opposite side, magnify window will immediately position itself to the opposite side. Making it easier for you to see what and where you are setting your hand pointer.

  • Set 'hand' on the area you want to capture.
  • Press the mouse button (left click) down and drag whereever you want to capture a screenshot.
  • Release.
  • Below are two sample of captured region.

Region screenshot at width 37x29


Region screenshot at width 147x74


  • Your new captured screenshot should appear on Preview window. You can now make your desired changes.
  • The good point about using this option is that it allows user to freely capture areas that any other options cannot.
  • Below is a sample required size of screenshot, saved in .png

Screenshot taken at required size 584 in width Window sample 584x492.png