ACP Error Messages/40200

Error message examples

 Sorry. There is a problem in opening Microsoft Excel on the ACP server. We have notified the ACP administrator.


  • Can be caused by Excel being locked, If someone plays a model with a function that causes Excel to hang, for instance. That can make it impossible to open another instance of Excel on the ACP server until it is manually closed.


  • If you have access to the server, and Excel is installed, you can kill the Excel process in task manager on the server, then check to see if the model plays correctly in ACP. Or you may choose to reboot the server immediately, which is more reliable.
  • Avoid leaving an ACP session open when it involves using spreadsheets. (I.e. sign out of ACP after finishing, don't just close the browser window).
  • If you continue to see this error, please note the model, and the steps you took while using ACP leading up to where the error occurred, and contact for assistance.

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