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(Requires Analytica Enterprise or Power Player)

DbTable(dbIndex, column)

DbTable(dbIndex, columnList)

DbTable(dbIndex, columnIndex)

DbTable() is used to get at the data within a result table. The first argument, «dbIndex», must be the name of a Variable (normally an index) in your Analytica model that is defined with a DbQuery() statement. If the second argument, «column», is a text value, it identifies the name of a column label in the result table, in which case DbTable() returns a 1-D array (indexed by dbIndex) with the data for that column.

If the second argument is a list of text values (the «columnList» form), then DbTable() returns a 2-D table with records indexed by dbIndex, and columns implicitly indexed (i.e., self-indexed/null-indexed).

If the second argument is the name of an Analytica Variable (usually an index) whose value evaluates to a list of text values, those text values become the column headings for a 2-D table with columns indexed by «columnIndex», and rows indexed by dbIndex. With this last form, «columnIndex» may be defined as DbLabels(dbIndex).


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