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AskMsgText(question, title, maxText, default, password, checkboxText, initialCheck, multiline)

A Dialog Function that creates a dialog box with «title», «question» and a text box. It returns the text entered by the user into the text box, or the default if none. For example:

AskMsgText("Enter your model access key", title: "License Entry", maxText: 15)

The box displays OK and Cancel buttons. Pressing Cancel causes the current computation to abort.

The message box appears only when this function is evaluated. Since Analytica caches results once they are computed, if you embed this in a variable, you will not see the question every time you view the result. To trigger the question again, you must change something upstream that the variable depends on, so the result is invalidated. If you place it inside an OnClick in a button or OnChange attribute in a variable, it shows the message box every time the button is pressed.

Optional parameters

«title»: A title for the dialog box. (Default: empty.)

«default»: The default text shown in the message box. (Default: empty.) If the default has multiple lines -- i.e., one or more Chr(13) characters -- the text box will be placed in multiline entry mode (unless «multiline» is specified as 0).

«maxText»: The maximum number of characters accepted. (Default: unlimited)

«password»: If set to true, it obscures the characters typed, showing asterisks rather than the typed characters.

«checkboxText»: If specified, shows this text with a checkbox. (Default: empty and it does not show the checkbox.) (New to Analytica 5.4) When you specify «checkboxText», it returns two return values: The text from the text box, and the Boolean state of the checkbox. To capture both, use for example

Local (enteredText, checked) := AskMsgText("Enter the plant name", checkboxText:"Is a co-generation facility");

«initialCheck»: Initial state (true or false) of checkbox. (Default: False i.e. Off).

«multiline»: The number of lines for the text box. Forces it into multi-line entry mode. A value of 0 forces single-line entry mode even if the «default» text has multiple lines.

From ADE

When evaluated in the Analytica Decision Engine (ADE), it calls IAdeUICallbacks::AskMsgText(...). From within that callback, the parent application can display a dialog, collect input from the end-user, and return that as the return value. To receive the callback, the parent application must have previously registered the callback with ADE using CAEngine::SetCallbackObject( ). If it has not registered a callback, then «default» is returned.

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