Ana talk:AWP Rendering tables and graphs on the diagram 4

Dev Notes / Questions

The following questions are regarding tables and graphs embedded in the diagram in particular (but we might also consider the same issues for them when displayed in the table tab).

  • Should long titles be truncated or wrap?
  • Currently pivoters are not shown for tables with less than 3 dimensions. This was suggested by Max I believe. Perhaps we should make this configable?
  • Result type combo - I'm displaying this for tables/graphs rendered on the diagram. (correct or should this be configurable?)
  • Sometimes changing input nodes can cause output nodes to have their result changed or sometimes even other input nodes might have their values changed. The latter is somewhat common with multiple choice nodes on a control panel.
  • Changing output nodes can cause other output nodes to be evaluated. Does the diagram need to be updated to reflect this or will the user just have to click on the node to see the result?