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This page lists example models and libraries. You can download them from here or (in some cases) link to a page with more details. Feel free to include and upload your own models and libraries.

Download Model Type Author Domain Methods For more
Platform 2017.ana Application Max Henrion et al Oil platforms, decommissioning, ecosystems, ocean, Multiattribute decision analysis, risk and uncertainty, sensitivity analysis Rigs to Reefs case study
EVIU plane catching.ana Demo Max Henrion When to leave for the airport? Decision analysis, Cliff loss function, expected value of including uncertainty Catching a plane example and EVIU
TXC.ana Demo Max Henrion Cost-benefit analysis of control of emissions from a coal power plant Decision analysis, cost-benefit analysis, statistical value of life, health damage function, parametric analysis, expected value of including uncertainty TXC example: Cost-benefit analysis of controlling emissions from a power plant
Marginal abatement home heating.ana Demo Lonnie Chrisman marginal abatement cost graph, GHG emissions, cost effectiveness, home heating XY graph blog article
Solar panel analysis.ana Demo Lonnie Chrisman Renewable energy, photovoltaics, tax credits net present value, internal rate of return, agile modeling Video of model building
Items_within_budget.ana Demo Max Henrion Budgeting, prioritization Optimal selection with budget constraint
Grant_exclusion.ANA Demo Wynship Hillier Hypothesis test
Project Priorities 5 0.ana Demo Max Henrion R&D project portfolios, commercialization, NPV, multiattribute decision analysis, uncertainty, portfolio optimization

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