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Atomic x := expr Do body

Declares a local variable, «x», that can be referred to only from within the expression «body», and assigns it the initial value obtained by evaluating «expr». When used from within «body», Analytica guarantees that the value of «x» is atomic -- i.e., non-array-valued. Analytica achieves this guarantee by iterating (horizontally array abstracting) across the result of «expr» when it is array-valued.

Atomic «x» := «expr» Do «body» is exactly equivalent to:

Local «x»[ ] := «expr» Do «body»

In most common scenarios, it is also equivalent to these, although there are some subtle distinctions as special cases.

For «x» := «expr» Do «body»
For «x»[ ] := «expr» Do «body»
Var «x»[ ] := «expr» Do «body»


This construct was introduced in Analytica 4.2.

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