What's new in Analytica 6.1?

Here is a summary of new features, and some fixes, in Analytica release 6.1 since the previous Analytica 6.0 release. Analytica 6.1 was released 31-Dec-2021.

If you have an Analytica subscription or even Free 101, it will automatically download Analytica 6.1 the next time you start Analytica after the release. The second time you start Analytica, an alert will prompt you to install it. No new license is required. You can download Analytica or ADE 6.1 from Analytica Downloads. If you have a grandfathered permanent license with support, you'll need to need a new license to use release 6.1.


  • Fixed bug when you move one end of an arrow and the other end resets.
  • Fixed bug where tall multiline text-only text box changes inexplicably to a single line entry.
  • The ESC key now aborts all dragging operations.
  • Retired non-ClearType fonts on diagrams. These fonts were used prior to release 4.4 (in 2011). If for some reason you still use a legacy model from back then, and never turned on Clear Type fonts, you may see some titles word wrap in different places than before.
  • Arrow properties such as thickness and dash style for arrows are now inherited from the ArrowClass object for all arrows. Formerly, the inheritance worked only for arrows with an associated ArrowClass instance (i.e., curved arrows, arrows with way points, or arrows where one or more styles have been customized).

Built-in Functions

  • New DeferWindowsResynch function. (esoteric use case)
  • ShowWindow(X, 'OnDiagram') opens the diagram containing X and selects X.
  • You can now have a multiple line entry in an AskMsgText dialog. New optional parameter «multiline» specifies the height in lines of text for the text box.
  • Added the built-in function AddModuleOrLibrary.


  • Added in comprehensive Unicode upper-lower case mappings, all the way up to 0x10ffff. Some non-English Unicode characters were not converted by TextUpperCase, TextLowerCase, nor recognized as the same during case-insensitive comparisons, but now are.


  • Separate Color/Symbol added to the right-mouse context menu for a color/symbol key when it is an option. Faster than having to go to Graph Setup.

Uncertainty Dialog

  • Eliminated a stray checkbox that would sometimes appear where it didn't belong.

Object Window

  • On some computers, you might find a small speedup in the time it takes to display or refresh an Object Window.



  • The edition formerly called the "Free 101 edition" is now called just the "Free edition".

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