What's new in ADE 4.0?

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ADE Enhancements

Works much better with direct COM interface.

This makes it easier to use from .NET. Various newer registry settings are now required to get COM to work, and some inconsistencies between the type library and registry settings have been fixed.

ShowAddAttributes command added

A new command (also available from Analytica) gives ACP access to the list of attributes that should be shown in the UI.

Speed-up of model load time

To address Enrich's concerns. Load times have been sped up considerably from 3.1, but are still about 2x slower than 2.0 on his model.

New ResultTypes

Formerly, you could only obtain the Mid, Mean or Sample result for a variable. New ResultType values allow you to obtain additional statistical results for a variable.

Result Graph as image

From ADE, you can now obtain a result graph as an image (e.g., JPG). This makes it possible to forward, for example, to forward the graph on to a client as an image, without requiring a third-party graphing engine. In addition, the result uses the graph settings as they exist in the Analytica model.

Picts as images

From ADE, you can obtain a PICT node's image as a JPG.

Control over how results are returned.
Automatic table splicing

(as of beta build If an index definition changes, variables defined as a Table, DetermTable or ProbTable that use that index are automatically "spliced".

New properties and methods
  • CAEngine:
    • DefaultRenderingStyle
    • DefaultDefTableRenderingStyle
    • SendCommand
  • CAObject:
    • Evaluate
    • PictureToStream
    • PictureToFile
    • RenderingStyle
  • CATable:
    • Subscript
    • Slice
    • Atomic Value
    • GraphToStream
    • GraphToFile
    • GraphWidth
    • GraphHeight
    • IndexName
    • RenderingStyle
  • CAIndex
    • RenderingStyle
  • CARenderingStyle (new class)
    • GeneralExpression
    • NumberAsText
    • FullPrecision
    • StringQuotes
    • VarTermFormat
    • ReferenceAsText
    • UndefValue
    • SafeArrayLowerBound

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