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To define a variable as an edit table, you choose Table from the expr menu above its definition:

  1. Select the variable and open its definition using one of these options:
  2. Press the expr menu above the definition field and select Table.
     :Chapter11 61.jpg
    If it already has a definition, click OK to confirms that you wish to replace it.
    Chapter11 62.jpg
  3. It opens the Indexes dialog so you can select the table’s indexes (dimensions). It already lists under Selected indexes any index variables from which you have drawn an arrow to this variable. You can keep them, remove them, or add more indexes. Chapter11 63.jpg
  4. Select a variable from the Indexes list and click the move button, or double-click the variable, to select it as an index of the table. Repeat for each index you want.
  5. Click OK to create the table and open the Edit Table window for editing the table’s values.

Indexes dialog

The Indexes dialog contains these features (see figure above):

Preview: A list of the values of the selected index variable. If the selected variable is not a list, it says "Can’t use as index.
All Variables check- box: If checked, the Indexes list includes all variables in the model. If not checked, it lists only variables of the class Index and Decision, plus the variable being defined (Self) and Time. If you select Self as an index, the variable itself holds the alternative index values.
Selected Indexes: A list of all indexes already selected for this variable.
New index: Select to create a new index.

To create an index: You can create an index variable in the course of creating a table, in the following way:

  1. Select new index from the Indexes list in the Indexes dialog.
  2. Enter a title for the index.
    Chapter11 64.jpg
  3. Click the Create button.
  4. To make the new index an index of the table, click the Chapter11 65.jpg button.
  5. Enter the values of the Index in the Edit Table window (see the following section).

To remove an index from an array:

  1. Select the index from the Selected Indexes list.
  2. Click the Chapter11 66.jpg button.

Removing an index leaves the subarray for the first item in that index as the value of the entire array.

System index variables Run and Time: Analytica includes two system index variables: Run and Time. You can generally treat these variables like any index variable.

Run is the index for the array of sample values for probabilistic simulation. You can examine the array with the sample uncertainty mode or the Sample function.

Time is the index for dynamic simulation. It is the only index permitted for cyclically dependent modeling.

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