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The Publish to cloud... dialog is a convenient way to upload models to the ACP server, so that you can invite others to view and run it from web browsers. You can also change some of your account settings from the dialog that pops up when this option is selected. To open this dialog, select Publish to cloud... from the File menu.


If you have configured the Publish to cloud... dialog, and you have set it to remember your password, the dialog will open to the Publish Model Tab with your most recent settings. Otherwise it will open to the Configure Account tab.

Configure account tab

Configure Account 02.png

Sign up link

  • If you do not already have an ACP individual account, click the sign up link: Your browser will open to the ACP sign in page (Chrome is the only browser currently recommended for ACP). You can sign up for an ACP account there (use the same email address as for your Lumina license) then return to Analytica to enter your account information.
  • Email address field: If you have previously configured the Publish to cloud... dialog your Email Address should be prefilled. Otherwise enter your ACP account email address.
  • Password field: Analytica will remember your password if you check the remember Password checkbox, otherwise you will need to enter your ACP password each time you open the dialog.

Forgot password link

If you have forgotten your acp password, you can click this link. After clicking yes in the confirmation question box, check your email inbox for the password reset email. Once you click the link in the email you will be directed to the firebase reset password page. And you can enter your new password here.

Server combo box

New to Analytica 6.0. If you have access to an ACP server other than Lumina's public ACP server, you can enter your server domain into the combo and then have an easy way to select which server you are publishing to. Simply type the server's URL into the text field- just type over the - the default, which cannot be deleted. Your server will be added to the Dropdown list of possible servers. You can also delete or edit this additional server.

  • Remember password checkbox: Check this if you want the Publish to Cloud... dialog to remember your password and account configuration.
  • Once you have the account configuration, Press [Ok] to accept the information and open the Publish Model tab.

Choose Account Dropdown list

Once you have configured the rest of the dialog and pressed [Ok], If you have access to more than one account (for instance your individual account and a Group account) this dropdown list will show and your accounts will be listed here. Select the Account you wish to upload to and Press [Ok] again.

Configure Account 03.png

Publish model Tab

  • ACP project dropdown menu: If you have selected a Group account the projects you have access to will be listed here. Select the one use wish to upload to. This menu will not be present if you have selected an individual ACP account in the Configure Account tab.
Publish Model 02.png
  • ACP model name: Either leave the model the same or edit the name you want to use in the ACP model listing.
  • Overwrite model on server checkbox: This will be present if you have previously published a model in this session of Analytica, or if you attempt to publish a model of the same name as a model which is already present in the ACP project. This checkbox needs to be checked to overwrite the existing model, or you will need change the file name.
Publish Model 01.png

After publishing dropdown menu

You can select what happens after you upload the model to ACP.

Publish Model 03.png
  • Open ACP Model folder page: The model listing for for project you entered in the Configure account tab will open in a browser with the recently published model present.
  • Open model in ACP: The model will open in ACP in a browser. It will have been saved in the project you selected in the Configure Account tab.
  • Do nothing: The dialog will close without opening the browser and you can continue using Desktop Analytica.

Publish: Press the Publish button to upload your model to ACP.

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