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LL_To_RArray(LL, indexName)

Converts a linked list «LL» to an array. A new local index is created having a length equal to the number of items in the linked list, with the name «indexName» (i.e., «indexName» is a text parameter). The items in the array are in the reverse order that they appear in the linked list, which means that they are in the same order that they were pushed onto the front of the linked list.


Linked list library (Linked List Library.ana)

Use FileAdd Library... to add this library


Var n := 27;
Var LL := null;
While (n > 1) do (
LL := LL_Push(LL, n);
n := If Mod(n, 2) Then 3*n + 1 Else n/2
LL_To_RArray(LL, "step") →
Start 3n+1 from 27.png
End 3n+1 from 27.png

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