Keyboard Shortcuts

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(This page is in-progress)

The following lists keyboard shortcuts in Analytica 4.0:

  • TAB

Toolbar/menu Shortcuts:

  • F1: User Guide
  • F2: ParentTool.jpg: Go to parent diagram.
  • F3: OutlineTool.jpg: Go to Outliner window
  • F4: ObjectWindowToolbarButton.jpg: Go to object window
  • F5: ResultToolbarButton.jpg: Show Result (same as CTRL-R)
  • F6: Expr.jpg: Edit definition/script (same as CTRL-E)
  • F7: BrowseTool.jpg: Enter browse mode
  • F8: Edit Mode Toolbar Button.jpg: Enter Edit mode
  • F9: ArrowTool.jpg: Enter Arrow mode.
  • F10: Access main menu bar, next key selects submenu.
  • F11: Toggle between Edit/Arrow editing modes (Edit Mode Toolbar Button.jpg ←→ ArrowTool.jpg ). In Analytica 3.1, this was F2.
  • F12, or Ctrl-F12: Open/close typescript window

  • CTRL-A: Select all
  • CTRL-B: Number Format...
  • CTRL-C: Copy
  • CTRL-D: Duplicate nodes
  • CTRL-E: Edit definition
  • CTRL-F: Find
  • CTRL-G: Next, continue from Find
  • CTRL-H: Find selection
  • CTRL-I: Insert
  • CTRL-J: Align selection to grid
  • CTRL-K: Delete
  • CTRL-L: Add Module...
  • CTRL-M: Make alias
  • CTRL-N: New Model
  • CTRL-O: Open model file
  • CTRL-P: Print
  • CTRL-Q: Exit
  • CTRL-R: Show result
  • CTRL-S: Save
  • CTRL-T: Adjust node size
  • CTRL-U: Uncertainty Options...
  • CTRL-V: Paste
  • CTRL-W: Close
  • CTRL-X: Cut
  • CTRL-Y: Toggle between viewing titles and identifiers
  • CTRL-Z: Undo typing
  • CTRL-. (ctrl-dot): Abort in-progress computation.
  • CTRL-Break: Abort in-progress computation
  • CTRL-' (ctrl-appostrophe): Open/close typescript window. On some non-English keyboards, this combination is not available. In those cases, use F12.

These toolbar shortcuts may be used while editing a diagram:

  • CTRL-1: New Decision node
  • CTRL-2: New Variable node
  • CTRL-3: New Chance node
  • CTRL-4: New Objective node
  • CTRL-5: New Module node
  • CTRL-6: New Index node
  • CTRL-7: New Constant node
  • CTRL-8: New Function node
  • CTRL-9: New Text node
  • CTRL-0: New Button node

When editing definitions or attributes:

  • CTRL-RIGHT: Move right one token
  • CTRL-LEFT: Move left one token
  • CTRL-ALT-LEFT: Find left paren that matches the right paren currently at the left of the caret.
  • CTRL-ALT-RIGHT: Find right parent that matches the left parent currently to the right of the cursor.
  • SHIFT-(any of the above): Select the characters between.

(More to be listed)


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