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Analytica Tutorial, User Guide, and Optimizer Guide, showing chapters and sections in their original form -- in January 2016 -- the same as the organization in their original Framemaker/PDF documents. See Internal:Reorganizing the wiki for planned reorgs.

Analytica Tutorial

Analytica User Guide

Introduction: About Analytica

Examining a Model

Result Tables and Graphs

Parametric analysis of model behavior

Create and edit a model

Building Effective Models

Creating Lucid Influence Diagrams

Formatting Numbers, Tables, and Graphs

Creating and Editing Definitions

Creating Interfaces for End Users

Using Expressions

Arrays and Indexes

More Array Functions

Other Functions

Expressing Uncertainty

Probability Distributions

Statistics, Sensitivity, and Uncertainty Analysis

Dynamic Simulation

Importing, Exporting, and OLE Linking Data

Working with Large Models

Building Functions and Libraries

Procedural Programming

Analytica Enterprise


Analytica Optimizer Guide