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Use this page to find a function, operator, attribute, etc. when you don't know its name. Look in the relevant category. If you do know its name, use the Search box (top left) or Alphabetical Function List and Category: Functions

Language, control, and syntax

Operators: Arithmetic: + - * / ^ Comparison: < > <> <= >= Logical: And, Or, Not; Text concatenation &, Subscript and slice: x[I=x], x[@I=x] , IdentPred, Assignment :=, Reference \ and Dereference #

Conditionals: If-Then-Else, Ifall-Then-Else, Ifonly-Then-Else, If0, Ifpos, CondMin, CondMax

Grouped expressions: (expr; expr), BEGIN expr; expr END

Comments: { comment }, /* comment */

Local variable declarations: Local..Do, LocalAlias..Do, LocalIndex i, Local Index Operator::A.I

iteration Loops: While..Do, For..Do


Basic math: Abs, Sign, Mod, Round, Ceil, Floor, Sqr, Sqrt, Exp, Ln, LogTen, Degrees, Radians, Sigmoid

Trig Functions: Sin, Cos, Tan, Sinh, Cosh, Tanh, ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan, ArcTan2; ArcSinH, ArcCosH, ArcTanH

Set Functions: SetContains, SetDifference, SetEvaluationFlag, SetIntersection, SetUnion

Complex Numbers: Abs, RealPart, ImPart, ComplexDegrees, ComplexRadians, Conj

Signal processing: FFT, FFTInv

Combinatorics: Combinations, Permutations, Factorial, Partitions

Bit functions: BitAnd, BitCount, BitNot, BitOr, BitShift, BitXOr, MantissaAndExponent

Bessel and related functions: Airy_Ai, Airy_Ai_deriv, Airy_Ai_zero, Airy_Bi, Airy_Bi_deriv, Airy_Bi_zero, BesselJ, BesselY, BesselI, BesselK, BesselJzero, BesselYzero

Dates, Text, Financial

Date and Time: MakeDate, MakeTime DateAdd, DatePart, Today, ParseDate, IsDateTime, YearFrac

Text: SelectText, FindInText, TextReplace, SplitText, JoinText, Text Concatenation: t1&t2, TextLength, TextLowerCase, TextUpperCase, TextSentenceCase, TextTrim, Asc, Chr, f"...", TextCharacterEncode, TextDistance, NumberToText

Financial: Pv, Fv, Npv, XNpv, Rate, NPer, Pmt, PPmt, IPmt, CumIPmt, Irr, XIrr

Array functions

Make an Index: [x, y], Sequence, Sequence Operator: first..last, Concat, SortIndex, SplitText, SubIndex, Subset, Unique, Copyindex

Functions that create arrays: Array, Table, SubTable, MultiTable, DetermTable, ProbTable, AddIndex

Array reducing: Sum, Product, Average,| Max Min, ArgMin_and_ArgMax, JoinText, Condmax, Condmin, Area

Subscript, selection, lookup: x[i=j], Slice, Subscript, Slice Operator: [@I=n], StepInterp

Array transforming: Cumulate, Uncumulate, CumProduct, CumMax, CumMin, Normalize, Integrate, Rank, Sort, Aggregate

Interpolation: StepInterp, LinearInterp, CubicInterp, MonoCubicInterp

Matrix: MatrixMultiply, Transpose, Invert, Determinant, Decompose, EigenDecomp, SingularValueDecomp, VectorCrossProduct

Information about arrays: Size, IndexesOf, IndexLength, IndexNames, HasImplicitDimension, HasIndex, MemoryInUseBy

Relational tables: MdTable, MdArrayToTable

Other array functions: Aggregate

Statistics and Probability distributions

Statistics: Median, Mean, SDeviation, Variance, Skewness, Kurtosis, Statistics, Probability, Frequency, GetFract, ProbBands, Correlation, RankCorrel, Regression, Cdf, Pdf

Custom continuous distributions: CumDist, ProbDist, Fractiles, Keelin

Custom discrete probabilities: ChanceDist, ProbTable, Determtable, Random

Parametric discrete distributions: Bernoulli, Binomial, NegativeBinomial, Poisson, Geometric, HyperGeometric, Certain, Uniform, Wilcoxon

Corresponding probability functions: Prob*(k,...), e.g., ProbPoisson
Corresponding cumulative probability functions: Cum*(k,...), e.g., CumPoisson
Corresponding quantile functions: Cum*Inv(p,...), e.g., CumPoissonInv

Parametric continuous distributions: Beta, ChiSquared, Exponential, FDist, Gamma, Gaussian, Logistic, LogNormal, Normal, StudentT, Triangular, UncertainLMH, Uniform, Weibull.

Corresponding density functions: Dens*(x, ...), e.g., DensBeta
Corresponding cumulative probability functions: Cum*(x,...), e.g., CumBeta
Corresponding quantile functions: Cum*Inv(p,...), e.g., CumBetaInv

Special and modifying distributions: Mid, Certain, Sample, Truncate, Shuffle, Random

Sensitivity analysis: Dydx, Elasticity, Importance analysis, Correlation, RankCorrel, Regression, WhatIf, WhatIfAll , Tornado charts, X-Y plots, Scatter plots

Functions for distributions: ProbWilcoxon, CumWilcoxon, CumWilcoxonInv, BetaI, BetaIInv, GammaI, GammaIInv, CumNormal, CumNormalInv, Erf, ErfInv

SIPs and SLURPs: SipDecode, SipEncode

Distribution Variations.ana: Beta_m_sd, Erlang, Gamma_m_sd, InverseGaussian, LogNormal_m_sd, Lorenzian, Normal_p1_p2, Pareto, Pert, Rayleigh, Smooth_Fractile, Triangular10_50_90, Triangular10_Mode_90, Wald, Warp_dist, Weibull_10_50_90.

Multivariate Distributions.ana: BiNormal, Correlate_dists, Correlate_with, Dirichlet, Dist_additive_growth, Dist_compound_growth, Dist_reshape, Dist_serial_correl, InvertedWishart, Multinomial, MultiNormal, MultiUniform, Normal_additive_gro, Normal_compound_gro, Normal_correl, Normal_serial_correl, RegressionDist, UniformSpherical, Wishart

Distribution Densities.ana: LDens_InvertedWishart, LDens_Wishart

Power law distribution library.ana: PowerLawDist, CumPowerLawDist, CumPowerLawDistInv, DensPowerLawDist

User interaction and dialogs

User input: Choice, Checkbox, MultiChoice, Choices & Checkboxes in an Edit table

Dialog Functions: MsgBox, Error, AskMsgText, AskMsgChoice, AskMsgNumber, ShowProgressBar

Controlling the interface: ChangeNodeVisibility, CloseWindow, ShowWindow

Debugging: ConsolePrint

Drawing functions: Canvas, CanvasContext, CanvasDrawEllipse, CanvasDrawImage, CanvasDrawLine, CanvasDrawPixel, CanvasDrawPolygon, CanvasDrawRectangle, CanvasDrawText, CanvasImage, GraphToCanvasCoord, ImageInfo.

Cell-level format functions: CellAlignment, CellBar, CellBorder, CellComparisonFormat, CellEntry, CellFill, CellFont, CellFormats, CellIcon, CellNumberFormat, CellOnClick, CellSpan

Graph annotations: In OnGraphDraw annotations.ana: Plot_error_bars, Plot_Tukey_bars, Plot_point_labels, Plot_solid_band, Plot_solid_prob_band, Clip_to_PlotArea, Apply_slicers_to_val. In Google Maps from OnGraphDraw.ana: OnDraw_Google_map, Test_map_pivot_vars, Test_map_pivot_slice.

Types and type conversion

Convert type: Chr, Asc, NumberToText, ParseDate, ParseNumber

Data Type Functions: TypeOf, IsDateTime, IsHandle, IsNaN, IsNull, IsNumber, IsRealNumber, IsReference, IsText, IsUndef, IsResultComputed, IsNotSpecified, ComparisonPart

Optimizer functions

Optimizer formulation: DefineOptimization, OptSolution, OptInfo, OptObjective, GroupedInteger, OptGuess, OptEngineInfo

Optimizer diagnostics: OptStatusNum, OptStatusText, OptFindIIS, OptWriteIIS, OptObjectiveSa, OptRead, OptWrite, OptReducedCost, OptRhsSa, OptScalarToConstraint, OptScalarToDecision, OptShadow, OptSlack

Integration with other applications

Reading and writing data: ReadFromUrl, OpenURL, ReadImageFile, WriteImageFile, ReadTextFile, WriteTextFile, ReadBinaryFile, WriteBinaryFile, ReadExportFile, ShowPdfFile

Spreadsheet access: SpreadsheetOpen, SpreadsheetCell, SpreadsheetRange, SpreadsheetSetCell, SpreadsheetSetRange,SpreadsheetSave, SpreadsheetInfo, SpreadsheetSetInfo

Database and ODBC access: SqlDriverInfo, DbLabels, DbQuery, DbTable, DbTablenames, DbWrite, MdxQuery

Run other applications: RunConsoleProcess

COM Integration: COMArray, COMCallMethod, COMCreateObject, COMGetProperty, COMPutProperty, COMEnumerate

File System Functions: CurrentDataFolder, CurrentModelFolder, FileFullPath, FilePathPart, FileSystemCopy, FileSystemDelete, FileSystemListing, FileSystemMove, FileSystemNewFolder.

Parsing and formatting data: ParseCSV, MakeCSV, ParseJSON, MakeJSON, ParseNumber, ParseDate, NumberToText, f"...". See also XML.

Special functions

Meta-inference: Handle, HandleFromIdentifier, ListOfHandles, FindObjects, Dereference Operator: #R IndexesOf, IndexNames, GetVariableByName, IndexValue, AttribGet, InvalidateResult

Evaluation: Mid, Sample, Evaluate, EvaluateScript, GetEvaluationContext

Error handling: Error, IgnoreWarnings, Try, ReThrow, Error Message Types

Miscellaneous: Discrete, Dispatch, FunctionOf, Dynamic, Iterate, FindPolynomialZeroes

Domain Expressions: ContinuousDiscreteIntegerBoolean and Discrete

Domain Access Functions: DomainType, DomainType, DomainLowerBound, DomainUpperBound, DomainIntegerGroup


Editable attributes for variables: Class, Identifier, Title, Units, Description, Definition, Check, Domain, MetaIndex, User-defined attributes

User editable for Functions: Parameters, Recursive

User editable for Models, Modules, and Libraries: Author, Savedate, Filename

Computed attributes: Value, Probvalue, Inputs, Outputs

Internal: Diagwindow, ObjectWindow.

Classes of Object

Decision, Chance, Objective, Variable, Moduke, Index, Constant, Function, Button, Text node, Constrain, Gradient, User input, User output, Frame node, Module, Model, Linked module, Library, Linked Library, Form

System variables

Common: Run, SampleSize, Time

System info: AnalyticaLicenseInfo, GetProcessInfo, GetRegistryValue, MemoryInUseBy

Function parameter qualifiers

Data types: Number, Text, Positive, NonNegative, Ascending, Descending, Reference, Handle, Coerce <type>

Object class: Index, Variable, Object

Optional and repeated parameters: Optional, Default, Repeated parameters (...)

Arrays: Atom or scalar, Vector, Array, Reduced


Standard libraries, Additional libraries, GCD function library.ana: GCD

Optimization Functions.ana: GoalSeek, Gradient

Financial library.ana: Implied_volatility_c, Implied_volatility_p

ODBC Library.ana: InsertRecSql,

Generalized Regression.ana: InvLogit, Logistic_Regression, Logit

Linked List Library.ana: LL_First, LL_Length, LL_Nth, LL_Push, LL_Remove_First, LL_To_Array, LL_to_RArray


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