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'''Functions for distributions: '''[[ProbWilcoxon]], [[CumWilcoxon]], [[CumWilcoxonInv]], [[BetaI]], [[BetaIInv]], [[GammaI]], [[GammaIInv]], [[CumNormal]], [[CumNormalInv]]
'''Functions for distributions: '''[[ProbWilcoxon]], [[CumWilcoxon]], [[CumWilcoxonInv]], [[BetaI]], [[BetaIInv]], [[GammaI]], [[GammaIInv]], [[CumNormal]], [[CumNormalInv]]
'''SIPs and SLURPs: '''[[SipDecode]], [[SipEncode]]
'''Distributions from function libraries'''
'''Distribution Variations.ana:''' [[Gamma_m_sd|Gamma_m_sd]], [[GammaFn]], [[GammaI]], [[GammaIInv]], [[InverseGaussian]], [[InvertedWishart]], [[Lorenzian]], [[NegBinomial]]
'''Distribution Variations.ana:''' [[Gamma_m_sd|Gamma_m_sd]], [[GammaFn]], [[GammaI]], [[GammaIInv]], [[InverseGaussian]], [[InvertedWishart]], [[Lorenzian]], [[NegBinomial]]
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'''Distribution Densities.ana:''' [[LDens_InvertedWishart]], [[LDens_Wishart]], [[LGamma]]
'''Distribution Densities.ana:''' [[LDens_InvertedWishart]], [[LDens_Wishart]], [[LGamma]]
'''SIPs and SLURPs: '''[[SipDecode]], [[SipEncode]]
=== Other types of data ===
=== Other types of data ===
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'''Other array functions: '''[[Aggregate]]
'''Other array functions: '''[[Aggregate]]
'''Sensitivity analysis:''' [[Dydx]], [[Elasticity]], [[WhatIf]], [[WhatIfAll]]'''<nowiki/>'''
== User interaction and dialog ==
== User interaction and dialog ==
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=== Attributes ===
=== Attributes ===
'''User modifiable attributes for Variables:''' Class, Identifier, Title, Units, Description, Definition, Domain, MetaIndex, User-defined attributes
'''User editable for variables:''' Class, Identifier, Title, Units, Description, Definition, Domain, MetaIndex, User-defined attributes
'''User modifiable attributes for Functions:''' Parameters
'''User modifiable attributes for Models, Modules, and Libraries:''' Author, Savedate, Filename
'''User editable for Functions:''' Parameters
'''Computed attributes:''' Value, Probvalue, Inputs, Outputs  [add the rest]
'''User editable for Models, Modules, and Libraries:''' Author, Savedate, Filename
'''Internal attributes:''' Diagwindow, ObjectWindow ..... [add the rest]
'''Computed:''' Value, Probvalue, Inputs, Outputs  [add the rest]
'''Sensitivity analysis:''' [[Dydx]], [[Elasticity]], [[WhatIf]], [[WhatIfAll]]
'''Internal:''' Diagwindow, ObjectWindow ..... [add the rest]
=== Special ===
=== Special ===

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Function list (to be categorized) (Back to Analytica Reference)

See also: functions by category. Functions to be organized Rare and deprecated functions

Language, control, and syntax

Operators: Arithmetic: + - * / ^ Comparison: = < > <> <= >= Logical: And, Or, Not; Text concatenation: &; Subscript and slice: x[I=x], x[@I=x] , Assignment :=, Reference \, Dereference #,

Conditional constructs: If-Then-Else, Ifall-Then-Else, Ifonly-Then-Else, If0, Ifpos

Loops: While..Do, For..Do

Grouped expressions: (expr; expr), BEGIN expr; expr END

Comments: { commented text }

Local variables: VAR x, Index i; MetaVar v; MetaIndex i; Alias a, Local Index Operator::A.I


Basic math: Abs, Sign, Mod, Round, Ceil, Floor, Sqr, Sqrt, Exp, Ln, LogTen, Factorial, Degrees, Radians

Trigonometry: Sin, Cos, Tan Sinh, Cosh, Tanh; ArcSin, ArcCos, ArcTan, ArcTan2; ArcSinH, ArcCosH, ArcTanH

Set functions: SetContains, SetDifference, SetEvaluationFlag, SetIntersection, SetUnion

Complex numbers: RealPart, ImPart, ComplexDegrees, ComplexRadians, Conj

Statistics and Probability distributions

Statistics: Median, Mean, SDeviation, Variance, Skewness, Kurtosis, Statistics, Probability, GetFract, ProbBands, Correlation, RankCorrel, Regression, Cdf, Pdf

Custom distributions: CumDist, Fractiles, ChanceDist, ProbDist, ProbTable, Random

Discrete distributions: Bernoulli, Binomial, NegativeBinomial, Combinations, Permutations, Geometric, HyperGeometric, Certain

Continuous distribution functions: Uniform, Normal, LogNormal, Beta, Triangular, Poisson, Exponential, Gamma, StudentT, Weibull, Wilcoxon, Logistic, BesselJ, BesselY, BesselI, BesselK, ChiSquared

Modifying distributions: Mid, Sample, Truncate, Shuffle

Functions for distributions: ProbWilcoxon, CumWilcoxon, CumWilcoxonInv, BetaI, BetaIInv, GammaI, GammaIInv, CumNormal, CumNormalInv

SIPs and SLURPs: SipDecode, SipEncode

Distributions from function libraries

Distribution Variations.ana: Gamma_m_sd, GammaFn, GammaI, GammaIInv, InverseGaussian, InvertedWishart, Lorenzian, NegBinomial

Multivariate Distributions.ana: Gaussian, Multinomial, MultiNormal, MultiUniform, Normal_additive_gro, Normal_compound_gro, Normal_correl, Normal_serial_correl

Distribution Densities.ana: LDens_InvertedWishart, LDens_Wishart, LGamma

Other types of data

Date and Time: MakeDate, DateAdd, DatePart, Today, ParseDate, IsDateTime

Text: SelectText, FindInText, TextReplace, SplitText, JoinText, Text Concatenation: t1&t2, TextLength, TextLowerCase, TextUpperCase, TextSentenceCase, TextTrim

Financial: Pv, Fv, Npv, XNpv, Rate, NPer, Pmt, PPmt, IPmt, CumIPmt, Irr, XIrr

Array functions

Make an Index: Sequence, Sequence Operator: first..last, SortIndex, SplitText, SubIndex, Subset, Unique

Array reducing: Sum, Product, Average, Max Min, ArgMin_and_ArgMax, JoinText, Condmax, Condmin, Area

Subscript, selection, lookup: Slice, Subscript, Slice Operator: [@I=n], StepInterp

Array mapping: Cumulate, Uncumulate, CumProduct, Normalize, Integrate, Rank, Sort, Aggregate

Tables and functions to make arrays: Array, Table, SubTable, MultiTable, DetermTable, ProbTable, AddIndex

Interpolation: StepInterp, LinearInterp, CubicInterp, MonoCubicInterp

Matrix: MatrixMultiply, Transpose, Invert, Determinant, Decompose, EigenDecomp, SingularValueDecomp

Information about arrays: Size, IndexesOf, IndexNames, MemoryInUseBy

Relational tables: MdTable, MdArrayToTable

Other array functions: Aggregate

Sensitivity analysis: Dydx, Elasticity, WhatIf, WhatIfAll

User interaction and dialog

User input: Choice, Checkbox

Dialog boxes: MsgBox, Error, AskMsgText, AskMsgChoice, AskMsgNumber, ShowProgressBar

Types and type conversion

Convert type: Chr, Asc, NumberToText, ParseDate, ParseNumber

Get or test type: TypeOf, IsDateTime, IsHandle, IsNaN, IsNull, IsNumber, IsRealNumber, IsReference, IsText, IsUndef, IsResultComputed, IsNotSpecified

Optimizer functions

DefineOptimization, OptInfo, OptObjective, OptSolution, OptStatusNum, OptStatusText, OptEngineInfo, GroupedInteger, OptFindIIS,OptWriteIIS, OptGuess

OptObjectiveSa, OptRead, OptWrite, OptReducedCost, OptRhsSa, OptScalarToConstraint, OptScalarToDecision, OptShadow, OptSlack

Integration with other applications

Reading and writing data: ReadFromUrl, OpenURL, ReadImageFile, ReadTextFile, WriteTextFile, ShowPdfFile

Spreadsheet access: SpreadsheetOpen, SpreadsheetCell, SpreadsheetRange, SpreadsheetSetCell, SpreadsheetSetRange,SpreadsheetSave,, SpreadsheetInfo, SpreadsheetSetInfo

Database and ODBC access: SqlDriverInfo, DbLabels, DbQuery, DbTable, DbTablenames, DbWrite, MdxQuery

COM API: COMArray, COMCallMethod, COMCreateObject, COMGetProperty


Other functions


Evaluation: Mid, Sample, Evaluate, EvaluateScript, GetEvaluationContext

Error handling: Error, IgnoreWarnings, Try, ReThrow

Miscellaneous: Discrete, Dispatch

Domain expressions: ContinuousDiscreteIntegerBoolean and Discrete

Domain Access Functions: DomainType, DomainType, DomainLowerBound, DomainUpperBound, DomainIntegerGroup

Objects and meta-inference: ListOfHandles, Dereference Operator: #R IndexesOf, IndexNames, GetVariableByName, IndexValue, AttribGet


User editable for variables: Class, Identifier, Title, Units, Description, Definition, Domain, MetaIndex, User-defined attributes

User editable for Functions: Parameters

User editable for Models, Modules, and Libraries: Author, Savedate, Filename

Computed: Value, Probvalue, Inputs, Outputs [add the rest]

Internal: Diagwindow, ObjectWindow ..... [add the rest]



Environment information: AnalyticaLicenseInfo, GetProcessInfo, GetRegistryValue, MemoryInUseBy

Function parameter qualifiers

Type: Boolean, Integer, Index, Variable, Handle

Number of parameters: Optional, Repeated

Array qualifiers: Scalar, Vector, Array

[Add all qualifiers and links to them]

Functions still to be categorized

Erf, ErfInv



Iterate, FindPolynomialZeroes

Functions libraries

GCD function library.ana: GCD

Optimization Functions.ana: GoalSeek, Gradient

Financial library.ana: Implied_volatility_c, Implied_volatility_p

ODBC Library.ana: InsertRecSql,

Generalized Regression.ana: InvLogit, Logistic_Regression, Logit

Linked List Library.ana: LL_First, LL_Length, LL_Nth, LL_Push, LL_Remove_First, LL_To_Array, LL_to_RArray

Obsolete optimizer functions:

LpDefine, LpFindIIS, LpObjSa, LpOpt, LpRead, LpReducedCost, LpRhsSa, LpShadow, LpSlack, LpSolution, LpStatusNum, LpStatusText, LpWrite, LpWriteIIS, NlpDefine

Other deprecated functions



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