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Error message examples

 The function Readfromurl is not available in Analytica Free 101.
 The function LpDefine is not available in Analytica Professional.


Some Analytica functions are only available in higher editions of Analytica. For example, Database functions, such as DbLabels, DbQuery, and DbTable, are available only in Analytica Enterprise or higher editions.

And Optimizer functions, such as LpDefine, NlpDefine, and SolverInfo, are only available in Analytica Optimizer.


To use functions not available in your current edition of Analytica, you will need to upgrade it to a higher edition.

Note that the Analytica Power Player lets you use models with database access functions and other functions available with Enterprise and higher, but not to create models. Similarly, Power Player with Optimizer lets you use models containing Optimizer functions, created with the Optimizer Edition.

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