Entering Attributes using the Attribute panel

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a. Select Miles per gallon node
b. Click the ‘Key icon’ to display the Attribute panel. The attribute panel should appear below the diagram window and its dropdown menu should display ‘description’
Key icon.jpg
c. Click in the panel and type Average number of miles per gallon obtained by car.
MPG description.jpg
d. Select ‘Units’ from the Attribute dropdown menu.
Units attribute.jpg
e. Type ‘miles/gallon’
f. Press Alt+Enter
g. Select ‘Definition’ from the Attribute dropdown menu
h. Click ‘expr’ and select ‘Distribution’
Distribution attribute.jpg
i. ‘Object Finder’ window should appear. Scroll down and select ‘uniform’ Type 20 in the ‘min’ box , and 30 in the max box. Click OK
Object finder 1.1.jpg
j. Your result should look like this:
Object finder 1.2.jpg

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