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The Edit menu includes options for editing a model: selecting nodes, text fields or cells of a table, and copying, pasting, cutting and deleting them. The menu can also be used for setting personal preferences and for integrating the model with other applications via OLE linking.

The exact functionalities of the individual Edit menu items are described in the table below.

Menus 3.png Menu item Description
Undo Undoes your last action. “Can’t Undo” appears in this location if an undo is not possible.
Cut Cuts the selected text, node(s), or table cells into the clipboard temporarily for pasting.
Copy Copies the selected text, node(s), graph, or table cells into the clipboard temporarily for pasting. See Copying and Pasting.
Paste Pastes the contents of the clipboard at the insertion point in a text, diagram, or table, or replaces the current selection. See Copying and Pasting.
Paste Special Brings up a dialog to select the format of data to OLE link into an edit table.
Clear Deletes the selected text or node(s).
Select All Selects all the text in an attribute field, nodes in a diagram, or cells in a table.
Duplicate Nodes Duplicates the selected nodes onto the same diagram. See “Duplicate nodes” in Create and edit nodes.
Copy Diagram or Copy Table When a Diagram window is active, Copy Diagram copies a picture of the diagram for pasting into a graphics application. When a table window is active, Copy Table copies the entire multidimensional object as a tab-delimited list of tables. See Copying and Pasting.
Insert Rows or Insert Columns Inserts an item into a list, or a row in a table, by copying the current item, or row. If a column in a table is selected, Insert Columns inserts an item or column. See To edit a table.
Append Rows or AppendColumns Appends an item to the end of a list, or row or column of a table. This item is only available when the last item in the list, row or column is selected. See To edit a table.
Delete Rows or Delete Columns Deletes the selected item or items in a list, or rows or columns in a table. See To edit a table.
Preferences Opens the Preferences dialog to examine or change various options.
OLE Links Opens a dialog to let you change properties for OLE links from external applications into your model. See OLE linking.

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