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These pages are in the form of wiki. It uses MediaWiki, the same engine that powers Wikipedia. Like Wikipedia, you can improve and add pages for the benefit of others -- in this case the growing community of Analytica users.

Anyone can add a comment or request at the bottom of each page in the Comment section (including this page!)

If you have a paid Analytica license with current support, you can get a wiki account to edit any content here. You can set up an account from inside Analytica: Start up Analytica, and from the Help menu, select Wiki login info.... If that doesn't work, email support@lumina.com to set up an account.

How to edit

To edit a page, open the This page pulldown menu at the top of the page, and select Edit or Edit source:

  • Edit opens the whole page using the Visual Editor, which is (almost) WYSYWIG (What You See Is What You Get). Use the controls in the toolbar at the top to format text, including bold, italic, heading styles, lists, and so on. You can also insert links and screenshots. All this without needing to learn the wiki markup language!
  • Edit source opens the page (or a section if you click Edit next to a heading) showing its underlying wiki markup. This the same markup language used in Wikipedia to specify links, lists, styles, and so on. This editor also offers a toolbar at the top for common styles and formats. For details, see Help on mediawiki markup language.

For most users, the Visual Editor is much easier and faster. But, there are a few formats that the Visual Editor can't handle. They show up with green cross-hatching. To handle those, use Edit source.

Don't worry too much about making a mess!

If you accidentally add something that's wrong, or delete something important, you or someone else can easily fix it. You can use the History option from the This page menu to see and compare different versions of the page, highlighting the differences. And you can always revert back to an earlier version.

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