Creating the Populations objective

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In Analytica 4.5, changes were made to comparison nodes and the way messages are displayed, so ensure these instructions are followed exactly or else you could get a different result which is not necessarily a bug.

1. Select both ‘Hares at end’ and ‘Foxes at end’ nodes to compare their result. Press the Result button. A question box will appear, asking if you want to add a node with the comparison, click Yes.


2. Result window should appear. Click on the horizontal-axis pivoter, select Time.

3. You should have a result like this.

Result Va2.1.1.jpg

4. Click on the diagram button.

Expected: There's a new node titled Compare1 on the diagram and it is selected

5. In the attribute pane change the title to Populations then press Alt+Enter. Click yes to change identifier in the question box that should appear.

6. Move the new Populations node as indicated below

Foxes and Hares diagram 1.3.jpg

7. Select ‘Class’ attribute from the Attribute dropdown menu.

Attribute Identifier.jpg

8. From the Class popup menu select ‘Objective’. Variable node should be replaced by Objective node.

Attribute Objective.jpg
Foxes and Hares diagram 1.5.jpg

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