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New to Analytica 5.3

ConsolePrint( message  : ... )

Prints «message» to the Typescript Window. Returns «message».

This function can be useful during debugging when inserting a MsgBox would require your input too many times. You can instead log info to the typescript console without requiring user input.

Because it returns its parameter, it is convenient to just insert it around an intermediate value expression when you want to see that expression.

(New to Analytica 6.0) You can also print multiple items (of different dimensionalities) as separate parameters, such as:

ConsolePrint( 'A=', A, ', B=', B )

which works without combining the indexes of A and B.

To view the Typescript Window, press F12.

Return value

When only a single message value is provided, the value passed in is returned as the result value. When more than one message value is provided, the return value is the text printed to the typescript window.

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