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This page contains information to help you diagnose problems or errors that occur when trying to activate a centrally managed license (e.g., a floating license) for a Lumina product on an Reprise License Manager (RLM) server. If you are looking for RLM installation and activation instructions, see Configuring an RLM Server. These instructions do not apply to individual licenses.

Reprise Software, who makes the RLM licensing software, provides a page on technical support issues, which you should also check for known issues and help.

The errors listed here are problems you might encounter when you press Request License in Step 9 of Configuring an RLM Server.

Cannot connect to specified URL (-132)

...Attempting to access license generator at
Possible causes
  1. Your server is not connected to the internet (and thus, can't "talk" to the activation server on
  2. A firewall at your institution is preventing your server from communicating with
  3. Lumina's server is down
  4. The internet is down.

Manual activation: If your computer can't talk directly to, you can manually activate your license. The steps are:

1. Go to
2. Enter your information. Be sure to select Centrally managed license and to enter the correct number of seats.
3. A license file (extension *.lic) will be emailed to you.
4. Transfer the license file to your server computer and save in your RLM license directory. To find the license directory:
a. Go to http://localhost:5054 on your server computer.
b. Click Manage Windows Service
c. The directory is listed as Server License File Directory
5. Go to http://localhost:5054 on your server computer (the RLM server administration panel)
6. Click Reread/Restart Servers
If you think the Lumina server is down (rare) or the internet is down (even rarer), wait a couple minutes and try again.

Bad HTTP transaction with activation server (-136), HTTP:404

...Attempting to access license generator at
You did not specify as the ISV activation website.
Back up to the page "(step 1 of 5) - select activation server" and enter

Error connecting to server for isv ... Bad or missing login credentials (-182)

This error means that client authentication is turned on (rlm 13 or newer) in the license server and the user isn't in the list of authorized clients.

The client computer trying to access rlm is not passing the correct password with the environment variable RLMAUTH.

To add a user you need to use rtlmutil rlmadduser from a commmand line. Usage is rlmutil rlmadduser <opt file> <username> <password> eg: from an elevated command prompt in the rlmserver directory enter

rlmutil rlmadduser lumina.opt Dave 1234

Then have the user add the environment variable RLMAUTH on the client computer with the value <password>.

Error creating license. Invalid hostid type (-1007)

We've seen this one when you don't include the "disksn=" prefix in the host id that you enter into the manual activation form. For example, the host id on the server might be "disksn=DPLM5HRB9C8FUZ", but you enter only "DPLM5HRB9C8FUZ" into the form. When entering the host id for a centrally managed (floating) license, the disksn= prefix is part of the host id that you need to enter.
Back up and prepend disksn= to your entered host id.

Activation key not found in database. Error -1021

...Attempting to access license generator at
The activation key you entered does not match a know activation key. You probably typed in wrong.
Back up and re-enter activation key. Be sure to preserve hyphens (e.g., 1234-5678-9876-5432).

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