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When you select multiple nodes and press the result button (ResultToolbarButton.jpg) or press Ctrl+R, you are asked whether you wanted to compare two or more results. One of the question dialogs shown below displays.

Compare with option to add


This question appears when you are in edit mode (and using Analytica 4.5 or later), and you are able to add objects to the current diagram. Your options are:

  • Yes: Adds a new node to the diagram with the comparison, and displays its result window.
  • No: Displays a result window with the comparison, but does not add a node to the diagram
  • Cancel: Does nothing

If you select No, the state of the result window will not be retained, since no object is added to the model to remember that information. Hence, if you pivot the result or configure graph settings or uncertainty settings, this information is lost when the window is closed and you'll have to re-configure this information again later if you do the same comparison.

Adding the comparison object to your model is often convenient, since it will be there for other users to display later and it will retain any changes to the pivot, graph settings and uncertainty settings.

You can always create your own comparison node by creating a variable node and defining it as a list of identifiers.

Compare without object


Analytica 4.5 or later

When you are in browse mode, or are unable to add additional objects to the diagram, this variation appears. Here you do not have the option to add the comparison object to the diagram, but you can still view the comparison result. Your options are:

  • Yes: Display the comparison. Nothing is added to the diagram.
  • No: Do nothing.

Since no object is created, the result window state is not retained. Hence, once the result window is closed, any changes to the pivot, graph settings and uncertainty settings are lost.

Reasons you can't add object

If you are seeing this second question, but you think you should be seeing the first question, here are some possible reasons why you might not be able to add an object to the diagram:

  • You are in browse mode.
  • You are viewing a browse-only model, or are inside a browse-only (linked) module.
  • You are using the Analytica Player edition.
  • You are using the Free_Edition, but locked in browse mode because the model you have loaded has more than 101 objects.
  • You are using Analytica Free Edition, in edit mode, but unable to add more objects because you are at the 101 object limit.

Compare in Analytica 4.4 or earlier

Prior to Analytica 4.5, the option to view a comparison without adding a node to your model did not exist. The question appears as:


The options are:

  • OK: Create a comparison object and display its result window
  • Cancel: Do nothing

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