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Script (or Typescript) Commands are a set of functions and commands that advanced Analytica users can use from:

  • By typing them into Typescript window in Analytica. Press CTRL-' to open the Typescript Window.
  • In a button Script, which is code in the Script Attribute of a Button that gets executed when you press the button. (Picture nodes and Variables can also contain Scripts.)
  • In the Script attribute of a user-input variable defined by a Choice() or Checkbox(). When a user selects a different option from Choice() or (un)checks a Checkbox variable, it executes the Script.
  • In the text parameter to the EvaluateScript(text) function, which you can use in the Definition of a Variable or Function.
  • In ADE, using CAEngine::Commmand / CAEngine::Send

This page lists and briefly describes the Typescript commands. Insert links to more detailed information where applicable. For more, see the Analytica Scripting Guide (or PDF version)

Beware that typescript commands are somewhat of a "hidden" feature in Analytica, and with a few exceptions, are not something we expect average users to be using. Many are a legacy from Demos -- the precursor to Analytica, developed in the early 1980s, which used a command-line user interface. A few no longer work, and are . listed in Deprecated Commands. We may clean up some of these commands in the future, but we approach this a bit conservatively since we also want to preserve backward compatibility.

You can also evaluate expressions in typescript or button scripts. If there is an ambiguity between typescript and buttonscript, surround the expression with parens, and it will be interpreted as an expression.