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void CALicense::SetApplicationLicenseCode(string licenseCode)

Specifies an ADE license code that is to be used for the instantiation of a CAEngine when CALicense::NewCAEngine is called. When this is used, a valid ADE license code does not need to be stored in the system registry, and ADE runs according to the licensed features of the specified license code, which might be different from the license code used when ADE was installed (if any). This only accepts “ADE application license codes.” The license code you use when you install ADE is not an application license code. Application license codes are obtained through special arrangement with Lumina for applications that have been licensed through Lumina for redistribution.


«licenseCode» - the license code that enables redistribution.

Return value


When the code is bad, CALicense::NewCAEngine will fail and CALicense::ErrorCode and CALicense::ErrorText will report the bad code.

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