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This Tutorial offers a fast way to learn the essentials of Analytica. Each section takes you through an example model. We encourage you to open each model in Analytica and try out the steps as you read through each section.

You can refer to this brief overview for tutorial conventions and steps on how to install Analytica.


Opening A Model


Reviewing A Model


Create a Model






Sharing a Model in ACP


Decision Trees: Party Problem Model


Dynamic Systems: Foxes and Hares Model


Example Models and Libraries

It's often helpful to arrange this Tutorial in a browser window side by side with the Analytica window, so you can see both at once, if your screen is wide enough.

See Also

  • Glossary: The meanings of special Analytica terms
  • How to install Analytica
  • Analytica User Guide: A guide to the key features and how to use them, providing a lot more detail than this Tutorial.
  • Analytica Docs: This online resource, which includes this Tutorial, User Guides for Analytica, Optimizer, ACP, ADE, and more examples, libraries, tips, and reference material.
  • Analytica User Forum: A place to ask questions or share with other Analytica users and see questions and answers that other users have posted.
  • Lumina Blog: A collection of short articles from Luminaries and others on topics relating to Analytica, modeling, decision analysis, news and announcements, and more.
  • Analytica User group on LinkedIn. Another place to share information with the Analytica users community or watch for Analytica-relevant announcements.


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