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  • Fixed a critical GDI leak present in that would cause windows (in all applications) to stop fully rendering after using Analytica for a period of time.
  • Added accelerator keys for Diagram->Align and Diagram->Make Same Size actions, and exposed these on the mouse right button menu.
  • Fields on the object window (like description, definition) now adjust to the width of the window when the window is resized (rather than having a fixed width). This makes it possible to view wider definitions more conveniently.
  • Values of inputs show up in object window's input list when Object->Show with Values is checked.


  • Several fixes/extensions to "Open [Diagram | Object | Definition | Result | Table ] ident". For example, Open Object Mo1 can now be used to open the object window for module, which wasn't allowed before.


  • CumDist(P,R,I): We recommend you use the third index parameter, even though it is optional. Some cases where I is omitted are not backward compatible with with or I few of these were remedied in, but the full backward compatible fix will be in If you run into this, add the third parameter (which is recommended anyway, since without it, your expression might not array abstract if you add a dimension to your model later).

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