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An ACP Group Account lets multiple users collaborate and share Analytica models with each other and deploy models to end users as web applications.

This article explains some of the features of the Analytica Cloud Player (ACP) Group account.

The ACP Group Account UI

User Types

Privileges Manager Author Reviewer
Run models
Save snapshots
Upload & download spreadsheets
Upload & download models
Delete models
Send email invites
Manage users
View subscription info

Ability to switch "Access" to models.

The "Access" column in the model's listing is now a pulldown menu so users can toggle the privacy setting {"Private" or "Public").

By default, when an author or manager uploads a model into an ACP Group Account, that model is accessible by all members of that project i.e. it is "public". And in the models listing table, the column "Access" displays the text "public".

By default, when a project member saves changed inputs to a model i.e. makes a snapshot, that snapshot is "private". In the models listing, the model is only listed for that user who saved the changes, and the access column of that table has text "private".

Access 01.png

Group Account's Users Tab

Adding New Users

A manager can add a new user to a Group account. Authors and reviewers cannot see the Users tab.

  • Open the 'Users' tab.
  • Press the [Add User] Button at the bottom of the Users list.

The process should be self explanatory...

  • Enter the email address(es) of the new user.
  • Select the User privileges either Manager, Reviewer or Author.

{Optional: You can edit the email sent.}

  • Press the Invite and add Users button.
  • A new user for a Group account {who has no ACP password yet} receives a randomized password in the initial invite email to ACP. They will be prompted to change passwords the first time they sign in to the group account.
  • A user can have only one ACP password at a time. A new group account user with an existing ACP password {i.e. his individual account} will be instructed to use his current ACP password.
  • The Group account manager (the one who sends the invite) is cc'ed when he sends a new user invite to confirm that the invite email went out.

Manage users in a Group account

  • The 'User Type for Project' pulldown menu shows the user roles for a particular project, [Not a member, Manager, Author, Reviewer].
  • If the user signed in is an Account Admin, then this pull down now contains an additional menu item [Delete User].{The Account Admin is currently the person who requested the Group Account i.e. the first user in the list.)
Delete user 01.PNG

Group Account - Add and delete Projects

Any Manager can add a project. The Account Admin can delete projects. (The Account Admin is the user who signed up for the account i.e the first user in the list.)

Note: The 'Home' project can't be deleted).

If you are a manager, next to the Project pulldown menu there is a + button ( '+/-' buttons should be present if you are the account admin). Select '+' to add a project, then enter the project name into the field provided. Select ' - ' to permanently delete a project.

Delete projects ACP 02.PNG

In an ACP Group account, you can change the logo displayed at the top left of your model.

  • Prepare an image file to use as the logo for your model. You can use png or jpg.
  • Open the model in the ACP Group account.
  • Right - click the Lumina logo at the top left.

Right click lumina logo.png

  • Select Change image from the right - click menu.

(Opens a window prompting you to open an image file.)

  • Then navigate to the image you want to use as the logo for this model and open it,

Select image.png

That's it - the image you selected will replace the Lumina logo in this model.

If the image is larger than the space allotted on the ACP canvas, it will be resized to fit, so you may need to tweak the image dimensions to make it look the way you want it. The recommended size is 125 x 63 pixels.

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