Drawing arrows between variables in different modules

a. Drag a chance node in the diagram. Type Maintenance cost for its title. Drag an objective node, type Total cost
Objective node.jpg
b. Click the ‘arrow tool’. Draw an arrow from Maintenance cost to Total cost
Arrow total cost.jpg
c. Double click Fuel cost Module to open the diagram inside. Diagram of the fuel cost module should now be in focus. Draw arrow from Fuel cost to Total cost.
Draw arrow.jpg
d. Point cursor at the end of the diagram, arrow should turn into a double headed arrow. Drag it up to reveal the diagram underneath. Now scroll down to show fuel cost node.
Arrow from fuel cost.jpg
e. Using the arrow tool, click on the Fuel cost drag it down to Total cost. Broken line should appear. Fuel cost Module should have an arrow connecting to Total cost
Broken line from fuel cost.jpg

Arrow from fuel cost module.jpg

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