Analytica Tablet

  • Analytica Tablet (beta) plays the Analytica Cloud Platform (ACP) on your iPad.
  • Analytica Tablet is being tested for use on an Iphone.

Where to get Analytica Tablet

Analytica Tablet is free, and can be downloaded from the Apple App store either with your Ipad or here Analytica Tablet in the App Store

What you can do with Analytica tablet

  • In Analytica Tablet you can play models in your Individual or Group ACP account. Most features of ACP for playing models are available.
  • You can sign up for an individual ACP account.
  • Take snapshots of your models.

When you open the app it opens to the individual sign in page. If you want to sign in to a Group Account just check the checkbox to go to the Group account sign in, or you can press the 'Sign up for a free ACP account' button to create an individual ACP account. It is pretty self explanatory as in ACP.

Analytica Tablet Sign in Page


The model listing will display for your ACP account, just press the model you want to view.

Analytica Tablet Model Listing


ACP features not yet available on Analytica Tablet

  • ACP Group accounts need to be purchased through the Analytica Shopping Cart
  • Delete models.
  • Upload models to your account - you will need to use a computer with a web browser, or publish them directly from desktop Analytica
  • Download models.
  • Sending email invites.
  • No Account tab to check session credits or change password.
  • For Group accounts, no support for managing users.

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