Analytica Registry Settings/4.1

This page lists registry settings used by Analytica 4.1 and earlier.

Many of these settings are optional, but can be set to control some aspects of Analytica behavior.

Hive Inheritance

Most application settings reside in two registry hives:

  • HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Lumina Decision Systems\Analytica\4.2
  • HKEY_CURRENT_USER\Software\Lumina Decision Systems\Analytica\4.2

Most registry settings can reside in either location, and if the same setting exists in both places, the HKCU setting takes precedence.


When a non-administrator (i.e., a user without permissions to write to the HKLM hive) installs Analytica 4.2, the settings are written exclusively to the HKCU hive. In this case, other users on the same machine must run the installer themselves before using Analytica, so that the registry settings are set in their own HKCU hive. When an administrator installs Analytica 4.2, the settings are written to HKLM so that all users on that machine can run Analytica without having to re-install. However, users do need their own Analytica license, but that can be entered when Analytica is first run.

4.2 Hive

These settings can reside in HKCU or HKLM, with HKCU setting taking precedence.

  • AbbrevDateFormat (REG_SZ): The format used for abbreviated-style date number format. Usually: d-MMM-yyyy
  • AddLibraryDir (REG_SZ): File path that FileAdd Library... opens to.
  • Company (REG_SZ): Company or organization of the current Analytica license.
  • ContentBookmark (REG_SZ): Name of bookmark in User's Guide for the Table of Contents.
  • EULA (REG_SZ): File containing the End User License Agreement. This is accessible from the Help menu, license dialogs.
  • Expirereminddays : If your license expires, Analytica can remind you that your license may expire soon. This settings specifies the number of days prior to expiration that such warnings begin showing.
  • FunctionListBookmark (REG_SZ): Name of the bookmark in the User's Guide for the Function List page.
  • GdiBatchLimit (REG_DWORD): Graphing performance setting. To be described later.
  • Home (REG_SZ): Directory where Analytica is installed.
  • IndexBookmark (REG_SZ): Name of bookmark in User's Guide for the Alphabetical Index.
  • InitialDir (REG_SZ): CurrentModelDirectory when you first start Analytica.
  • LicenseCode (REG_SZ) : An augmented and encrypted version of your Analytica license code.
  • Licensee (REG_SZ) : Name of licensed Analytica user.
  • OleContainerClsid (REG_SZ): The CLSID used to identify Analytica as the application in an OLE link.
  • OptimizerGuide (REG_SZ): Filename of optimizer guide (PDF file).
  • Preferences.ini (REG_SZ): Analytica's start-up preference file (usually Analytica.ini).
  • Solver.lic (REG_SZ): The Frontline solver license file, used by Analytica Optimizer licenses.
  • SolverHost (REG_SZ): When Frontline network licenses are used, contains the name of the license server.
  • SolverLicType (REG_SZ): Type of frontline optimizer solver license (1=stand alone, 2=Network/flex)
  • Titlebar (REG_SZ): The pattern used in the titlebar of the Analytica application. May have wildcards that are replaced, e.g.:
%title -- Analytica® %mode%beta -- %filename

displays the title of your model, the edition (mode), whether it is a beta release, and the file name that is loaded. (to do - list full set of wild cards)

  • Tutorial (REG_SZ): Filename of tutorial PDF guide.
  • UpdateCheckFreq (REG_DWORD): The minimum number of minutes that must elapse between successive checks for new updates or alerts. If unset, defaults to 2880 (48 hours). If set to 0, then checks for updates and alerts are not performed.
  • UserGuide (REG_SZ): Filename of Analytica user guide (PDF).
  • WhatsNewBookmark (REG_SZ): The acrobat bookmark inside the Analytica User Guide that is used by the "What's new in Analytica 4.0?" link on the help menu. This link displays only if you have Acrobat exchange installed on your computer.
  • WhatsNewGuide (REG_SZ) : (currently not used) When an Analytica release has a separate "What's New" PDF file, this provides a link to that file. Currently What's new is inside the User guide.



A list of plugin DLLs that extend Analytica functionality. These settings are usually created by the DLL by running:

regsvr32 plugin.DLL

Each plugin contains its own subfolder. Two keys are present:

  • Autoload (REG_SZ): ("True" or "False") Controls whether the plugin DLL is loaded when Analytica starts up.
  • Filename (REG_SZ): A full filepath to the plugin DLL.

In addition, specific DLLs may contain DLL-specific settings. For example, the ODBC4Analytica DLL, which provides database access for Analytica Enterprise, contains these settings:

  • ConnectionTimeout (REG_DWORD): Seconds to wait for a database connection before concluding that the server is not responding.
  • LoginTimeout (REG_DWORD): Seconds to wait for a login authentication to a database server before giving up.


Configuration info for third-party solver add-on engines used with Analytica Optimizer (such as Knitro). Each engine contains its own subfolder.

(to do: describe fields )

HKCU \ ... \ 4.2 Only

The values here reside only in the HKCU hive, never in the HKLM.

  • AutosaveMode (REG_DWORD): (1 = maintain recovery info, 0 = off )
  • CustomColor# (REG_DWORD): where # ranges from 0 to 15. RGB values for the custom colors defined from the advanced color selector dialog.
  • InitialDir (REG_SZ) : The initial CurrentModelDirectory when Analytica starts up. (this supercedes any InitialDir specified in HKLM).
  • NextAlertId (REG_DWORD): Written by Analytica, tracks which update alerts have already been displayed. When checking for updates, it asks the Lumina server whether any update alerts with this id or later are posted, so that alerts already read aren't downloaded again.
  • NumRecentFiles (REG_DWORD) : Number of recent files to display on the File menu.
  • Preferences (REG_SZ): File path to a user-specific startup preferences file. See Configuring Personalized Defaults.
  • SplashMs (REG_DWORD): Minimum number of seconds to display the splash screen at start up.
  • SuppressFileHeaderComment (REG_DWORD): If this is non-zero, the comment normally written as the first line of model files is not written when a model or module is saved. The changing timestamp on the comment line confuses some source control systems. Available in build or later. This is the comment that looks like:
{ From user jdoe, Model Foxes_and_hares at Wed, Aug 29, 2007 10:56 AM}
  • UpdateCheckTime (REG_DWORD): Written by Analytica, records the time at which the previous check for updates or alerts was attempted.



Used by "Maintain Recovery info" to keep track of which model files are being edited, or may have been in the process of being edited when a crash occured. Information here includes the path to the file, and the path to the corresponding recovery file.


Keeps track of whether you have agreed to the end-user license agreement. This setting tells Analytica that you've already agreed to the terms, so it knows not to show you the dialog again.

Alerts, Alerts64

The 64-bit edition of Analytica uses the Alerts64 subfolder, while the 32-bit edition uses the Alerts subfolder.

When Analytica downloads an upgrade alert (e.g., "A newer release is now available..."), it stores the message here, along with other relevant information like URLs, until the message has been read and cleared by the user.

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