Analytica 4.0 beta Release Notes/

Changes in


Basic bug fixes are not listed here. There were several in this build.


  • Substantial improvements to the layout of very long titles and long categorical labels on graphs. The graphing engine performs additional optimization for the amount of space to allocate to very long titles or labels, preventing overlap, and deciding when to truncate (with ellipses) or word wrap. This fixes many instances in which very long labels extended off the edge of the graph, overlapped with titles, or too many labels were omitted because of neighboring long labels hogging the space (e.g., by word wrapping or truncating neighboring labels, often more labels can now be included).
  • Axis labels, key titles and key labels can inherit font face (e.g., from the face used for Axis titles). While this altered in so that only face, and not style (bold, italics) or size, would be inherited, some inheritance of style was still occurring and has now been fixed.


  • The red check in the attribute pane did not always cancel the current edit. Fixed.
  • Fixed a bug with tables defined as Table(I,J), with no explicit values yet (so that the default are used), containing choice pulldowns. The first edit in these tables would not store correct -- the pulldowns in cells would interact.


  • Fixed an inefficiency with reading in very large database tables (e.g., greater than 100,000 rows) using DbQuery.

Built-in Functions

  • The SolverInfo function in Analytica Optimizer was added to the Optimizer library on the Definition menu. (The function existed, but didn't appear on the menu).
  • Removed the deprecated Fractiles distribution function from the menu. The function is still present for legacy, but just doesn't show up any more. You should use CumDist instead -- it supercedes the functionality and array abstracts better.
  • Function Unique(A,I) now correctly handles the case where A has dimensions other than I (finding the unique slices).
  • Fixes to StepInterp, LinearInterp, and other interpolation functions' array abstraction in which blank (undefined) cells were incorrectly returned when the data points (first two parameters) do not include the running index (fourth parameter).


  • Note: We have discovered that Updating your installation of Analytica to a new build, where the installer automatically updates, isn't updating to the newest versions of libraries or example models. Selecting "Repair" from the Add/Remove programs dialog, after you've run the installer, fixes this.
  • The "Discrete Distributions.ana" library has finally been removed from the distribution. All functions defined within have been built into Analytica since Analytica 3.0, so it was here solely for legacy models.
  • A linked library/module now remembers its node size, so if you're fonts are close to standard size, the node should usually not require resizing now after you've done a "Add Library..." or "Add module...". The library files included with Analytica have all been adjusted to reasonable node sizes.
  • Note: If a module's diagram has not been set (via Diagram Style...), it inherits is parent diagram's font. Previously, if the parent diagram font was changed while the module window was opened, the change wasn't visible until the diagram was closed and re-opened. It now updates immediately. Also, when a linked library is read in, with no saved diagram font, the default font used is now the standard Analytica default -- 11pt. Previously it would, in some cases, default to 8pt, which made things not look right.

File Saving

  • A mechanism has been inserted for suppressing the header comment at the top of an Analytica model file (in standard, non-XML, format). This is the line that looks like:
{ From user Lonnie, Model Portfolio_Analysis at Thu, Sep 06, 2007 2:36 PM}

Apparently this line confuses a certain source control system. To turn off this comment when saving, use regedit to set the registry setting:

HKCU/Software/Lumina Decision Systems/Analytica : SuppressFileHeaderComment (DWORD) = 1

You should not need to ever worry about turning this off unless you happen to be with the group that discovered this problem with their source control system.


  • Remedied a problem with return values from CATable::GetSafeArray( ) when the recently introduced CARenderingStyle::NullValue property was set to a string.

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