Analytica 4.0 beta Release Notes/

Changes in

Highlights are listed. Some basic bug fixes in this build are not listed here.


  • The TableCellDefault attribute, which controls what default value to use in cells of a table when new rows or columns are added, now supports Choice definitions (and a few others) correctly.
  • If you remove the last table index from an edit table by deleting the arrow from the index to the node containing the table, the definition now converts to a legal non-table definition.

Number Format

  • Fixed a problem in which the Integer number format did not previously work correctly for numbers larger than 2,147,483,648 (= 2^31).


  • You can now click on an arrow to select it when it appears in front of another node, such as a text box.
  • When you change the title of an object, Analytica generates an identifier from the title by replacing each character that is not allowed in an identifier with an underscore. If the character has an accent, it now converts to the corresponding unaccented character rather than to an underscore. For example, á becomes a; ñ becomes n.
  • The effect of up-arrow and down-arrow keys inside a text box (such as the definition field in expr view) is now more intuitive, particularly when passing over blank lines.


  • When the MsgBox function is used to display more than 16K characters, the dialog would often not display at all. The string is now truncated to 16K characters to ensure that the dialog displays (this is still more characters than will typically fit on a monitor).
  • Multinomial distribution function (in the Multivariate Distributions library) now accepts zero probabilities in P parameter. Previously zero probabilities produced an error message.


  • Identifier returned by CAEngine::AddModule included trailing whitespace. This whitespace has been removed.
  • CAEngine::AddModule: Relative path names interpreted relative to CurrentModelDirectory( ). Problem with long path names fixed.
  • Graphs of type jpeg and bmp with "no background fill" use white background, which fixes a problem in which such graphs appear black, including the one in the Tutorial.NET example.
  • CAEngine::DeleteObject: When applied to a module object, contained objects are now also deleted automatically.

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