Analytica 4.0 beta Release Notes/

Changes in

Build 50 is solely a bug-fix release. While I don't usually list minor or straight bug fixes in the release notes, I will do so here. The first bug listed is the most significant fix in this build.

Edit Tables

  • Fixed a bug present in build which would cause large edit tables to break when a cell was changed. This was a pretty serious bug, such that anyone using definitely should upgrade to

Uncertainty Settings

  • Fixed the "reset once" option on the uncertain dialog, which was not invalidating previous samples & computations as it should.


  • DatePart(..,"w") fixed to return 1=Sunday, 2=Monday, etc., as specified on the Wiki page.
  • An error message is now issued if a result for a time-slice in Dynamic contains an unindexed list (aka "implicit index", "null index"). An invariant enforced by Analytica is that any array can be dimensioned by a given index at most once, and as an extension of this rule, the implicit index can only be there at most once. In a dynamic loop, if an implicit index results, this creates an ambiguity akin to having multiple implicit indexes in the same result. For example, consider: Dynamic([1,2], [3,4,5]). The final result would have to have two implicit indexes. Even though you might argue that Dynamic( 1, [2,3] ) would not be ambiguous -- since the same [2,3] would appear in all slices beyond the first and could be assumed to be the same implicit dimension, we've still signalled this as disallowed in this build. In former releases, this was not signalled as an error, but problems results when this condition occurred, and thus we doubt it was employed. If you think you need a list as a dynamic element, you should be able to utilize a local index, see Index..Do.
  • An obscure bug occurred when the sequence to a FOR loop was an unindex list passed in as a passed in as a parameter to a user-defined function. The circumstances for this bug to occur are rare, but several possible manifestations might occur: An "internal type mismatch error", a stray "Index has not been explicitly defined" error, a crash, and/or a stray blank index in the result appearing just as a dot.


  • When an index element (a label) contained a lone Chr(10) character (this would only occur if the label itself is computed), and the model was saved while the index was in an unspliced state, the model file would be in an invalid format that could not be reloaded (continuation tildes preceding the Chr(10) are necessary, but were not output).

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